How to change in a month

Well. The title should be How to successfully change in a month. About a week ago, I found an article published in some newspaper that gave me the idea for the perfect change formula, and thats what I am gonna talk today.

We are routine animals. We live following algorithms, obligations… And we get used to them. And if, for whatever reason, something suddenly affects our life-pattern, we get certainly unstabilized. So, having in mind that unexpected changes in our lives are often seen as something harmful, I have designed a pro-change to-do list. This especially works if it is used to solve some bad habits…

  • WEEK 1: Just be aware that you are going to change your life/mind/style… You just have to think and imagine how good would you be after you follow those steps. Enjoy the moments, feel the victory. 
  • WEEK 2: Think about ways to change. But just think about them. Write them on a paper, a notebook or just keep it inside your head. Try to schedule them: one change per day. 
  • WEEK 3: Progressively, try to apply the steps you designed during the week 2. Force yourself to fulfill all the changes, even if you are unconfortable with it. 
  • WEEK 4: Mantain the changes implemented during week 3. If you can last for two weeks, you will have implemenented a new habit to your life. 

And that’s it. However, the most difficult part resides on week 0: to have enough humility to localize your bad habit and enough willingness to fight it…


Hello again

The last handwritten post I published on this blog was written in January 11. That means more than two weeks without appearing out here. However, I have ways to justify it (awesome ones by the way).

I am going to spend the next days by writing some posts explaining the experiences I had during those weeks, instead of following the initial schedule. However, I’m gonna use this post to make a short summary of all the things that have happened.


Okay. This is the only non-awesome excuse. I’m definitely not going to talk about that.


For me (and I know I’m kind of special) taking the SAT in January 24 was awesome because:

  • I’m not from the United States.
  • I’m not even american.
  • English is not my first language.
  • I’m under 18.
  • This allows me to go to an american university before my 18.
  • Etc.

PANGEA Starting Point

This is the most awesome part of the most awesome awesomeness. I spent 4 days in Madrid attending an International Social-Entrepreneurship Conference. I will talk a lot about it.

Okay so basically that’s it. I want to say I have realized that I have to redesign a bit my blog and my schedule and so taking real advantage of all the features a blog provides.

See you later!