“If the future of all human civilization depended on me…what would I do, how would I be?”  Buckminster Fuller


One of the characteristics that define myself and, certainly the one which I am most proud of is my desire to always go further. It doesn’t matter what I am doing, or the projects which I am involved. And that’s why I always see opportunities where others see just troubles.

The nowadays world is full of problems. And that means a vast field of occasions to lead a change. That means having an infinite number of excuses to design new models of thinking, new models of working, new models of living and doing.

We have to see opportunities instead of problems.

Above all, what we need is to remain active. Remain, or start to be conscious of our capability of pushing the human race forward at least. The greatest hits of mankind had been done by those idealists, those regarded as ingenuous, as lunatics; mainly those who had enough self-confidence and capacity of innovation. And, in fact, I think that all of us have an aspect of our personality that is idealist, ingenuous, lunatic, and self-confident and innovative. The only thing we have to do, is to strengthen this part of ourselves and be an active part of a necessary change that is starting right now. As Al Gore said: “We need to trust in ourselves, and set aside the causes of distraction, and rise to the challenge that history is presenting to us.”

In this blog I am going to write about all the projects I am involved in. Although I have no time, I will try to, from time to time, talk about what goes on in my head and try to share the bits of wisdom I get from all the experiences I live.

Go ahead, this has just begun!

Pol R. Vouillamoz

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