MindingMinds is an educational project managed by four entrepreneurs (I am on the founder’s team) and supported by more than 15 volunteer mentors (and growing…). The main goal is to take advantage of the abilities, motivations and enthusiasm of young students who want to take part of a research, who want to fully develop an idea or who just want to know more. We want to change the concept of learning, we want to break up with the current educational system an design a new, better version in which experience-based learning, teaming and critical thinking are the main pillars.

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concert terrassa

The Jove Orquestra of Sant Cugat (JOSC) is a nonprofit initiative which developes charitable activities by holding concerts. It is basically an orchestra formed by more than 45 young music students, that by doing activities related to music, they collaborate with NGOs, food banks, medical research associations… What we do is to help others by doing what we enjoy…

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Blogging U.
I am participating in a MOOC organized by The Daily Post, where I am learning how to manage a blog and how to improve my online presence. There are more than 500 people at the online community of the Blogging University and so this course offers the possibility not only to improve your writing skills but to establish contact with people from all around the world.



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