How to change in a month

Well. The title should be How to successfully change in a month. About a week ago, I found an article published in some newspaper that gave me the idea for the perfect change formula, and thats what I am gonna talk today.

We are routine animals. We live following algorithms, obligations… And we get used to them. And if, for whatever reason, something suddenly affects our life-pattern, we get certainly unstabilized. So, having in mind that unexpected changes in our lives are often seen as something harmful, I have designed a pro-change to-do list. This especially works if it is used to solve some bad habits…

  • WEEK 1: Just be aware that you are going to change your life/mind/style… You just have to think and imagine how good would you be after you follow those steps. Enjoy the moments, feel the victory. 
  • WEEK 2: Think about ways to change. But just think about them. Write them on a paper, a notebook or just keep it inside your head. Try to schedule them: one change per day. 
  • WEEK 3: Progressively, try to apply the steps you designed during the week 2. Force yourself to fulfill all the changes, even if you are unconfortable with it. 
  • WEEK 4: Mantain the changes implemented during week 3. If you can last for two weeks, you will have implemenented a new habit to your life. 

And that’s it. However, the most difficult part resides on week 0: to have enough humility to localize your bad habit and enough willingness to fight it…


Hello again

The last handwritten post I published on this blog was written in January 11. That means more than two weeks without appearing out here. However, I have ways to justify it (awesome ones by the way).

I am going to spend the next days by writing some posts explaining the experiences I had during those weeks, instead of following the initial schedule. However, I’m gonna use this post to make a short summary of all the things that have happened.


Okay. This is the only non-awesome excuse. I’m definitely not going to talk about that.


For me (and I know I’m kind of special) taking the SAT in January 24 was awesome because:

  • I’m not from the United States.
  • I’m not even american.
  • English is not my first language.
  • I’m under 18.
  • This allows me to go to an american university before my 18.
  • Etc.

PANGEA Starting Point

This is the most awesome part of the most awesome awesomeness. I spent 4 days in Madrid attending an International Social-Entrepreneurship Conference. I will talk a lot about it.

Okay so basically that’s it. I want to say I have realized that I have to redesign a bit my blog and my schedule and so taking real advantage of all the features a blog provides.

See you later!

New Project!

Yes. Another. Taking a look at the list of WordPress Recommended Blogs I found one called The Daily PostI clicked on the link just for curiosity, and I discovered one of the MOOCs that I think it’s going to help me to drive my blog towards success

It is not an ultra-complex project, in fact it is just a bloggers community being advised with a few tips and instructions on blog-managing. That’s why I have added the tag #blogging101 to my taglist and this is why I will maybe restructurate a bit the post scheduling.

If you are interested on this MOOC just click the badge (which, by the way, I am very proud to own) and well just… Start writing!
Blogging U.


“If the future of all human civilization depended on me…what would I do, how would I be?”  Buckminster Fuller


One of the characteristics that define myself and, certainly the one which I am most proud of is my desire to always go further. It doesn’t matter what I am doing, or the projects which I am involved. And that’s why I always see opportunities where others see just troubles.

The nowadays world is full of problems. And that means a vast field of occasions to lead a change. That means having an infinite number of excuses to design new models of thinking, new models of working, new models of living and doing.

We have to see opportunities instead of problems.

Above all, what we need is to remain active. Remain, or start to be conscious of our capability of pushing the human race forward at least. The greatest hits of mankind had been done by those idealists, those regarded as ingenuous, as lunatics; mainly those who had enough self-confidence and capacity of innovation. And, in fact, I think that all of us have an aspect of our personality that is idealist, ingenuous, lunatic, and self-confident and innovative. The only thing we have to do, is to strengthen this part of ourselves and be an active part of a necessary change that is starting right now. As Al Gore said: “We need to trust in ourselves, and set aside the causes of distraction, and rise to the challenge that history is presenting to us.”

In this blog I am going to write about all the projects I am involved in. Although I have no time, I will try to, from time to time, talk about what goes on in my head and try to share the bits of wisdom I get from all the experiences I live.

Go ahead, this has just begun!

Pol R. Vouillamoz

P.S.: This text is easier to read with those typical motivational soundtracks, pick up the one you like the most: